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Russian Troops Commiting War Crimes In My Country – Man City Star Says, Accuses Russian Footballers Of Supporting War By Silence

 Ukraine and Manchester city player says Russian troops are commiting crimes war crimes in his country.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, prosecuting a brutal war, in which civilians have been targeted, leaving thousands dead and over four million forced to flee their homes.

Zinchenko,  who is a key player for Manchester City has been vocal in his condemnation of Russia’s military aggression, says the reality of the situation in his homeland is grim and he is sad at what has been done to the women and children of his homeland.

Speaking to the Guardian, Zinchenko said, “It’s a nightmare. A shock to the whole world, the things they have done there. Terrible, scary things. They killed our civilians. They killed our children. They raped our women and girls. They killed our dogs and even ate them. I cannot even begin to describe how I feel about them.

“I hate them so much, for everything they have done to the Ukrainian people and Ukraine. I hate the people in Russia who are trying to convince others that this is propaganda. It’s embarrassing. How can they say this?

“People send me the real pictures, the real facts. The bodies of our dead civilians were lying on the ground for two weeks. They have to take responsibility for this.”

Zinchenko thinks footballers could do more to condemn the violence, particularly those in Russia.

Zinchenko said: “I have friends over there, a small circle, but now it has reduced almost to nothing. I’m so disappointed.

“The guys I know called me as soon as the invasion happened, texted me: ‘I’m so sorry Alex, but we can’t do anything.’ Of course you can. If you stay silent it means you support what is happening in Ukraine right now, and I can’t see why they would.

“Maybe they are scared, because we see pictures on social media of Russians being taken to prison if they protest. But look at footballers in particular, or anyone with a massive audience.

“Can you believe that, if all of them posted something on Instagram at the same time saying: ‘Guys, we are against the war, we need to stop it,’ they would all be arrested? Of course they would not. It’s such a shame that they say nothing.”

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