Okorocha, Nwosu, Others Have Finished So Weak, By Aic Akwarandu


In 2011, the People of Imo State made a change in their leadership from Gov. Ohakim to Rochas Okorocha. This decision at that time was greeted with joy even more than what is on ground today.

The only difference between then and now is that during the time of Okorocha, He had more of the masses support than that of the intellectuals and elite, unlike today where you see both the intellectuals, the clergy, the masses and all major stakeholders are excited and on the same page.

Then, the people expected Gov. Okorocha to lead them properly. They expected him to be a father He had claimed to be. Unfortunately, the Governor was overwhelmed with the office of the Governor. He became so excited forgetting that four years is not decade. Instead of finding solutions to the problems he had come to solve, He began by identifying how to miss-appropriate public funds, get more landed properties and enrich his entire family.

That singular act became his undoing till date. As a Governor who is leaving office, one expects some level of pity for him from the public. But one thing I have noticed in Imo today is that the people are excited about any negative news concerning the outgoing Governor. The same people who trekked from Orji to Nekede just to celebrate His victory? The same people who donated their goods to him while on road show? The same people who defended their votes? Udenwa didn’t finish this weak, Ohakim too.

Well, Okorocha’s downfall began when He became so greedy. When He played God and the gods. When He started speaking like God. He challenged God severally but God waited for him at the appointed time. A Governor who cowed almost everybody. People were afraid to talk. The entire system became Rochas and Rochas alone.

While He was operating from the centre, His son in-Law Uche Nwosu was operating from the left and right wings, the other inlaw Awukah was at the goal post while Nkechi Okorocha was striking for the team. The numerous brothers, friends and well wishers were ether at the defense or substitutes. Imo operated without order, no system and no due process.

I’m sure each day that comes make the reality that He is a Former Governor to him. Thier in-laws must also be thinking how to manage their new status as a in-laws to a former Governor. Their brothers and numerous friends who held the State hostage must get ready to adopt to their new status.

Looking round the State, you will agree that this is the worst we have had. Abandoned projects without direction littered across the State. Non of the 27 Hospitals which they claimed to have built with 1 Billion Each is operational today. A man who shouted industry industry industry does not have any single one to his name. A man that shouted factory factory factory does not have any factory on his name while he served as a governor. None of the 305 acclaimed primary schools is functioning.

Yes, the Governor is leaving in the next couple of days, but He is leaving very weak. Weaker than He met Imo. The refusal of his son Inlaw who was a major architect in the destruction of the State, its sectors and infrastructure, is not enough to tell Gov. Okorocha how angry Imolites are. The people expected better from him and his government.

As Governor Okorocha leaves, He must seek forgiveness from God and Ndi Imo. He must seek forgiveness from the traders at Ekeukwu, visit the family of Som Tochukwu and others who were killed through rascal display of power and force. He must indeed seek forgiveness from the gods who He desecrated for 8 years. He must now know that nothing lasts forever and indeed Power belongs to God.

Imo shall rise again!

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