Election Tribunal Refuses To Recognise Apapa Or Any Other LP Representative As Factions Clash At Resumed Hearing

The Presidential Election Petition court on Wednesday refused to recognise ‘factional chairman’ Lamidi Apapa or any representative of the Labour Party except the 1st petitioner, Peter Obi who was in court.

The court presided over by Justice Haruna Tsammani reached the decision after a disagreement between two factions of the party before the court resumed proceedings.

When the matter was called, Obi stood up to announce his appearance followed by Dudu Manuga, the National Women’s Leader of the Party who sat close to Obi.

Meanwhile, Before the court could record Manuga on the list, Lamidi Apapa quickly stood up to announce his appearance as the representative of the Labour Party.

But Justice Haruna interjected and said, ” It appears there was a little disagreement… We are not recognizing any representative from the party.”Earlier on, factions of the Labour Party could be sighted at the PEPC Court, engaging in a war of words over which faction is the authentic one.

The Lamidi Apapa-led faction of the LP was challenging why members of the party loyal to Julius Abure were in the court.

They argued that the ruling of a High Court of the FCT, suspending the Abure-led faction, is still subsisting.

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