20 Lawyers Volunteer To Represent Labour Party Candidates At Tribunal – Party

The Lagos State LP Chairperson, Pastor Dayo Ekong, disclosed this while addressing the frontline candidates and other critical stakeholders at the party’s Secretariat in Ikeja on Tuesday evening in Lagos.

“We have a group of professionals and lawyers who want to volunteer their services for free to help our candidates retrieve their stolen mandates.

“Feel free to contact them in case you need legal advice. We are hopeful that legal practitioners will help those who do not have money to hire lawyers to fight their cases in court.

“All eyes are on the judiciary. We are going to win,” Ekong said.

The chairperson expressed optimism that the party would recover allegedly stolen mandates.

“This is the time for us to stand strong, tall and stay focused no matter the attacks and intimidation.

“We are with you. We want to feel more of you, we want you to support us and together we can move this party forward,” she said

Ekong assured that the state exco would continue to stand behind all candidates challenging the outcome of the last general elections.

According to her, the leadership challenges rocking the party will fizzle out very soon, as the party has commenced processes to expose and show the infiltrators the way out.

“We cannot allow people who are playing the script of some paymasters in our midst to continue. Our children must grow up to see a new Nigeria and that is our passion and commitment.

“Be part of the history, fight the battle no matter the castigation and intimidation. If our country is better, our children will sing a new song,” she added.

According to her, the chapter is solidly behind the Julius Abure-led National Working Committee and would not be part of any back-door coup against the party leadership for any monetary gain.

Urging the candidates not to be distracted but to be focused, Ekong assured them that the truth would prevail at the end of the tunnel.

She urged all the candidates to be closer to the party hierarchy in the state.

“We are at a period in this party when everything looks uncertain because of infiltrations,” she said.

She begged all aggrieved candidates to shelve their grievances and work to promote the party and its ideas in their various constituencies.

Corroborating the chairperson, the LP Secretary in the state, Chief Sam Okpala, said that some people had become ‘comrades in crimes’ to destroy the party and its structure in the state because of selfish gains.

“We need your support to stand and face the shenanigans who are hell-bent to destroy the party. They are out to play the spoiler’s role but God will continue to expose them.

“The party is standing strongly with you in the efforts to reclaim these mandates. We want you to help defend the interests and cause of this party in your various constituencies.

“We have almost 20 lawyers working together with some other professionals working together on this,” Okpala said.

Stating that the Lagos State LP chapter remained the bedrock of the party, Okpala described the interaction as a confidence-building meeting to clear airs on myriads of false narratives making the round about the party.

Commenting, the candidates and leaders of the party unanimously agreed to work with the party and Ekong-led state executive committee of the party.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the meeting had in attendance some House of Assembly, House of Representatives and Senatorial District candidates of the party in the last general elections with other stakeholders in the state.

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