Speakership: PDP, Labour, Others Form ‘Greater Minority’, Gang Up Against APC

Opposition parties in the House of Representatives have set up a committee to screen and select candidates to run for the leadership of the parliament in a bid to outsmart the ruling All Progressives Congress.

In a statement on Monday, they announced Nicholas Mutu as chairman and Victor Ogene as secretary of the 11-man committee.

The statement, signed by Mr Ogene and three other caucus members, said the committee had one week to turn in its report. The legislators-elect, drawn from eight parties, otherwise known as the ‘Greater Minority’, claimed that with 183 members, they could produce the speaker against the 173 All Progressives Congress (APC) members.

The APC dominates the House of Representatives with 175 seats, the PDP has 118, and the Labour Party controls 35 seats. The NNPP has 19 seats. APGA has five seats, SDP and ADC have two seats each, and the YPP has one seat.

“Based on the common pact which our respective political parties have with the Nigerian people, which is to hold the government accountable to the people, we resolved to step into the arena by offering credible and alternative leadership options,” the statement explained.

It added, “In keeping with this resolve, the ‘Greater Majority’ of the 10th House of Representatives has put together an 11-man committee – complemented by a chairman and secretary – charged with the task of shortlisting, screening and eventual recommendation of aspirants for the speakership and deputy speaker positions.”

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