“I Didn’t Support Tinubu To See This Madness”— Seyi Law Cries Out

Ace Nigerian comedian, Oluwaseyitan Lawrence, popularly known by his stage name, Seyi Law, has condemned those supporting the ‘Yoruba for Yoruba Jobs’ agenda in Lagos and South West states.

Seyi, who shared a photo of a man posing with a poster that reads ‘Yoruba Jobs for Yoruba People’, described the trend as “absolute insane”.

He added; “I didn’t support Asiwaju (Tinubu) to see all these things.”

“This is absolute madness. I didn’t support ASIWAJU to see all these things.”

A group had earlier urged companies, government agencies, and businesses to hire Yoruba people at a rate of 90% after Tonia Somaga, a graduate from Anambra and Labour Party (LP) supporter was seen in a now-viral photo driving one of the Lagos blue rails.

The pro ‘Yoruba for Yoruba Jobs’ group, TRIBUNE ONLINE gathered, had called on the Lagos State Government to sack the lady for allegedly campaigning for Peter Obi — a development Seyi Law described as “rubbish”.

This is absolute madness. I didn’t support ASIWAJU to see all these things.

Are you saying even companies owned by non- yoruba should do the same or just those owned by Yorubas? Either way, this is wrong, so let’s stop promoting rubbish in the name of anger.

“The train girl was an opportunity for us to preach peace and show we are different. I am not belittling your anger, but we must learn to compromise for the collective peace we crave. You can respect your tribe without denigrating another. Abeg na, let’s sheath our swords.

“These attitudes give bad names to good ideas. We must do what is right to say we deserve more. Please, I believe we can do better. Things are tending in the direction I don’t appreciate. This doesn’t in any way dim my support for the good, I believe ASIWAJU will bring. Thanks, “he wrote on his Twitter page.

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