Twitter Locks Account Of Nigerian Investigative Journalist David Hundeyin Over Tinubu’s Dual Citizenship Report

The Twitter account of popular Nigerian investigative journalist, David Hundeyin, has been locked.

Hundeyin confirmed the blocking of his Twitter account on Monday via his news platform, West Africa Weekly.

“After posting evidence of @officialABAT’s undisclosed dual citizenship and perjurious INEC EC9 declaration, West Africa Weekly founder @DavidHundeyin’s Twitter account has been maliciously reported for “posting private information” and is temporarily locked.”

This comes less than 48 hours after reporting on his Twitter account that Nigeria’s ‘President-Elect’ Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s has dual citizenship.

He had on Saturady posted photo of Tinubu’s alleged Guinean passport, alleging that he therefore committed perjury – because he failed to disclose this on EC9 declaration form of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that he had other citizenship.

Despite the controversial revelation, the Tinubu Campaign had not responded to it.

Now it appears that Tinubu’s supporters reported Hundeyin’s account to Twitter management for allegedly “posting private information.”

Reacting to the locking of Hundeyin’s account, another popular investigative journalist, @PIDOMNIGERIA said, “Once you put out secret information against corrupt APC officials in government, or off government, their agbado mob will be deployed to report your twitter account en masse, since they have nothing as response to your expose.”

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