Plot To Announce Imo Supplementary Elections With Fake Result Figures Uncovered

A plot by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to announce the Imo state supplementary elections with fake results figures above the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BIVAS) accreditation, has been exposed by the House of Representatives member-elect for Ideato North, South Federal Constituency of Imo State, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere.

He said in a statment on Sunday that there’s an ongoing conspiracy and also a directive by INEC in Owerri to force collation officers to return to the Local Government Areas of Ideato South, Isu, Ahiazu and Mbaitolu Ikeduru, to resume collation and declare Imo supplementary election with already established fake results containing votes above BVAS Accreditation records.

Ugochinyere in an emergency petition to INEC Chairman, Prof Mahmood Yakubu, warned that end to BVAS is near if the results are announced with fake accreditation figures by sending INEC collation staff back into the waiting hands of armed thugs currently at the four LGA headquarters, who are waiting for their arrival to force them to announce the result without BVAS accreditation.

According to him, All Progressives Congress (APC) with verified BVAS accreditation backend records/results from the polling units have lost all the supplementary elections in Ideato South, Isu, Ahiazu, Mbaitolu to the opposition parties, Accord, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour yesterday after the evidence of BVAS accreditation showed that the total voters, who turned out and were accredited by BVAS were not enough to stop the leading margins of Vitalis Azodo of Accord Party in Ideato South, Modestus Osakwe of PDP in Isu, Rex Okoro of PDP in Ahiazu and if all the accreditation for all the polling units are reverified, Uche Oguagu of Labour Party in Mbaitolu Ikeduru.

Giving a detailed explanation, Ugochinyere exposed what INEC wants to do this morning to enable the APC that have lost all the Imo supplementary elections to be declared winners with falsified results with votes above BVAS accreditation.

Ugochinyere said he received the directive by the electoral body approved by Federal Commissioner, Ken Ukeagu and Imo Rec, Prof. Sylvia Agu, that all collation officers, who narrowly escaped death during Imo supplementary elections for refusing to upload fake results with fake accreditation figures should all return to declare results.

Describing the development as criminal offence, Ugochinyere said, “this is criminal and a violation of section 64 of electoral act. Let INEC first collate the result at their Imo State office where Prof Sylvia and Ken Ukeagu are monitoring the election by using BVAS accredited figures to verify all the results before sending out their own staff again or give room for their Staff to be made to criminally declare fake results with fake accreditation figures outside what BVAS recorded.

“Imo people and Nigerians will not forgive INEC if the mandates Imo people gave the real winners of Imo supplementary elections are taken away by APC with plan to announce fake accreditation figures.

“I (Ugochinyere) has seen the BVAS figures and came to the undisputable calculation that Vitalis Azodo of Accord Party won Ideato South State Assembly election, as BVAS accreditation total was not up to his leading margin, Modestus Osakwe of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP won in Isu constituency, as the total BVAS accreditation couldn’t pass his leading margin, Rex Okoro of PDP won Ahaizu Mbaise state constituency election, as the 9 polling units is deemed cancelled as votes recorded are all above accreditation Figures and verification of earlier transmitted results will show numerous polling units with over voting against BVAS records, and Uche Ogbuagu of Labour Party won Mbaitolu Ikeduru election as his leading margin was maintained after BVAS accredited votes could not even near his already leading margin.

“INEC please declare the leading candidates winners and stop the plot to send back collation officers without adequate security to the LGA headquarters which is now under siege. With Imo supplementary elections, Nigerians are watching to see the usefulness or uselessness of the INEC BVAS technology and readiness of INEC to continue to exist as an institution that can be trusted.

“INEC Chairman, Prof. Yakubu Mahmood, should reach out to the Imo Rec and federal commissioner, who are all in Imo State to ensure the right thing is done this morning before shameless electoral thieves destroy INEC and our democracy. The time to act is now!”

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