UK-Based Nigerian Female Pastor Condemns ‘Animalistic S3x Positions’ 

A Nigerian female pastor in the United Kingdom, Prophetess CyyCyy O Power has condemned various sex positions, describing them as animalistic. 

CyyCyy, the wife of Onyeka Power and Senior Pastor of the Eternal Life Ministries, UK, said couples are supposed to make love and not behave as animals in bed. 

The woman made this known in a viral video where she and her husband recently ministered together to people. 

In the post, CyyCyy wrote on Twitter, “You are supposed to make love to your woman, not treat her like an animal!!”

In the video, she said, “There are some positions that are animal-like. You, yourself know you are not making love. 

“You are literally (sic). It doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t look good. My husband should make love to me, and not treat me like an animal.”

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