Scores Dead As Fulani, Hausa Clash In Sokoto

There was tension in Gwadabawa community of Sokoto state, following a conflict between the Fulani and Hausa people residing in the area.

It led to the death of many locals from both sides, including a security operative.

A local official, Aminu Gwadabawa, told the VOA Hausa in an interview monitored by our correspondent on Saturday, that “People in the area were living in fear, as the conflict even claimed the life of a soldier.

A survivor said, “the Fulani attacked my relation with knives. But he has spiritual powers that would not allow sharp objects to pierce his skin.

“So they intensified the attack on him and succeeded in hacking his head off his body.”

Similarly, a Fulani man who survived the violent communal clash, narrated his ordeal.

According to him, “I was shot at twice but I survived. I begged them not to kill me. But they shot at me.”

The VOA Hausa reported that when the police in Sokoto were contacted, they said they were still waiting for details of the attack.

Scores were reportedly killed during the conflict, while many sustained injuries.

Attacks allegedly by Fulani bandits, were not new in the area as of recent.

Bandits reportedly raided communities in Rabah and other locations in the Northwest state .

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