Dozens Injured After Train Derails In Netherlands

At least 30 people were injured after a passenger train derailed in the southern Netherlands on Tuesday, emergency services said.

The train derailed after colliding with construction equipment on the line near the village of Voorschoten, between The Hague and Amsterdam, it said.

“At least 30 people were injured and are being treated on the spot. The seriously injured are being taken to hospital, while 11 are at homes of nearby residents,” Hollands Midden emergency services said.

“Specialists are working to secure the train.”

The accident happened at around 3:30 am (0130 GMT) when the double-decker intercity train smacked into the building material on the tracks at Voorschoten, about eight kilometres (five miles) north of The Hague.

Images from the scene and news reports showed a front carriage derailed and ploughing into a field, while a second derailed carriage landed on its side.

A third carriage remained upright, while a fourth caught fire, the ANP news agency said.

Around 60 people were on board at the time of the accident.

Ambulance services rushed to the scene en masse, including a trauma helicopter, to take the most seriously injured passengers to the hospital.

It was not immediately clear how serious their injuries were.

“We heard a loud bang and suddenly the lights went out,” an unidentified witness told the local Omroep West television news.

“We couldn’t initially get out of the train because there was no electricity,” said the man, who appeared in a state of shock.


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