LP Agent Shot Dead As Violence Mars Lagos Gov Election

The governorship candidate of the Labour Party for Lagos State, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, says an agent of the party in the ongoing governorship election in the state has been shot dead, amid reports of violence across Lagos.

The LP candidate, who said the election process is replete with voters intimidation and suppression, accused the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and the police of being complicit in the killing.

Meanwhile the social media is abuzz with videos of violence, voter intimidation and refusal of INEC staff to turn up at the polling units on time.

In a video recorded at the party’s situation room, Rhodes-Vivour alleged that the electoral body and the security agencies are provoking the people.

He said, “From all over Lagos, we are getting distressing reports of voters intimidation, voters suppression. In Apapa, one of our agent was shot, and he is dead, and the worrying thing about this is that the Police and INEC are complicit in this.

“The reason we are doing this video is that it is important that INEC, and the Police know that they are provoking Lagosians right …

“INEC still has hours to do the right thing, and a lot of people will help the security agencies calm down a lot of areas. A lot of areas are under a lot of intense attack by thugs and hooligans’ of the APC.

“I call on INEC most especially and the Police not to set Lagos on fire. This is a state that houses 22m people; having that many people angry because they are disenfranchised is not something that Nigerians need right now.

“So I call on the INEC REC and many people involved in this election to make sure they do the right thing, and create at least the right perception and actuality of a free and fare election.”

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