Abia PDP Chieftain Tony Otuonye In DSS Custody For Threatening To Feed On Livers Of Opponents

The Department of State Services (DSS), Abia State Command has detained a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Tony Otuonye, for threatening to take the life of anyone who stands in the wy of the party’s victory in Saturday’s governorship election.

Otuonye issued the threat in a viral statement calling for violence during a political rally for his party’s governorship candidate, Okey Ahiwe.

He said, “I am telling you, nobody should be afraid of the opposition. Instead that we will not succeed, we will sacrifice human beings as scapegoats.

“Instead of us to lose this (election), we will use human heads for sacrifice. We have consulted the spirits and humans and they confirmed our victory (in the coming election). We will fight whoever wants to stop us and feed on their liver.”

However a source in the DSS confirmed to the Whistler that Otuonye has been arrested by the secret police.

“He’s in our custody undergoing interrogation,” the source said.

The detained PDP chieftain works at the state’s Signage Advertisement Agency.

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