Follow Constitution, Electoral Act, Senate Admonishes INEC

Amid the controversy generated by the refusal of Independent Electoral Commission to follow the Electoral in the conduct of last Saturday’s Presidential Election, the Nigerian Senate on Thursday urged the electoral umpire to adhere strictly to the Consititution and the Electoral Act in conducting the March 11, 2023 Governorship and State Houses of Assembly election.

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan made the admonition while speaking at the Red Chamber before the Senate adjourned till March 14.

He also asked INEC to consider all issues raised by the public during the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly Elections in order to have a smooth conduct of the governorship and state houses of assembly elections.

Lawan said, “I think INEC should consider looking into issues raised by the public. INEC should be strictly guided by the Constitution and the Electoral Act and their guidelines and regulations.

“Nigerians should support INEC in whatever way they can so that it conducts the governorship and states assembly elections successfully.

“This is because that is what we all expect and that is what we need as a democracy. 

“We will be out of this place for the next two weeks and come back and continue our legislative functions. 

“I thank every senator for doing everything possible to make this Ninth Senate a success.

“We have finished this legislative week. The idea of reconvening immediately after the presidential and national assembly elections was to ensure that we are abreast with the whole situation both that happened during election and are happening now.

“This is so that we remain part and parcel of the solution where necessary and we have achieved that and we have also in the process done other legislative work. 

“We have to adjoin for all of us to participate in the campaigns and elections of the governors and states assembly members.”

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