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‘I’ll Vote Peter Obi’- Onyeka Onwenu (VIDEO)

Iconic Nigerian singer Onyeka Onwenu says she will vote for the  candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi in the February 25, 2023 presidential election.

Onwenu declared her intention in a video posted on her twitter account, warning that the 2023 election might be the last opportunity Nigerians have to “get it right, to turn this country around from the descent into lawlessness and carnage and violence that we seem to be moving towards.”

She walked down memory lane and recalled her work in 1984 which painted the level of corruption in Nigerian then, saying the situation is worse today and to pull the country from the brink of collapse, pull it back unto progress and turning the country into a great nation that it’s meant to be Nigeria needs a man like Peter Obi.

“I’ll vote for Mr. Peter Obi. Reasons are too numerous to mention here but let me just say just say very quickly that he has the capacity, he has the capability, he has the sense of purpose and mission and he has the passion to turn this country around. Its time!”

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