Our Vision Will Skyrocket Quality Of Life For Ordinary Nigerians – Peter Obi 

Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi has vowed says his plans will skyrocket the quality of life for average Nigerians. 

Obi made the promise on Monday while presenting his plans and programme to stakeholders at the Chatham House, otherwise known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London.

According to him, demography is driving the change that is currently sweeping across Africa in recent elections, where established parties were being upturned by new and small parties.

“It’s this change that my vision of policy change and institutional development is rooted in a push for a broadened scope of social development, mobility and freedom for Nigerians particularly for the youths and the women,” he said.

Obi said he and his running mate, Senator Yusuf Baba-Ahmed are committed to the new politics that starts with ethics and servant leaders and anchored on marriage of ‘clean and skillful hands.’

He said, “We know that unless we change the politics, by changing the political leadership, we are stuck in this terrible state of underdevelopment.

“We will build patriotically our institutions particularly those directly responsible for implementing government policies to make them fit for purpose,” he added.

He added that his administration will drive policies designed to stimulate investments and growth.

“Revenue shortfalls and leakages such as oil theft will be dealt with decisively by holding persons in positions of authority fully accountable,” he said.

The Labour Party candidate further said that the fourth level of his governance priorities is to leapfrog into the fourth industrial revolution through application of scientific technological innovation to create digital economy.

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