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Anti-Igbo Tweets: Brymo Doesn’t Have Respect – Idahams 

The singer of “Man on Fire”, Idahams says Brymo may not have any trait of Nationalism or respect to his fellow citizens. 

This was in response to Brymo’s anti- ‘Ndi Igbo’ tweets.

According to Idahams, “For our diversity, I don’t expect a top and respected artiste to publicly speak about a tribe like Brymo did. No one would like anyone who labels the Ijaws where I come from as ‘useless’ neither would they like it if I called the Yorubas “useless”. Making a statement like that just shows that he does not have any trait of Nationalism or respect for his fellow citizens.”

He added, “I don’t want to believe that he is cursing the Ibo tribe in a country where everyone matters. At the end of the day, we are all Nigerians regardless of the language we speak.”

Idahams is signed to Grafton Records and has released several hit records including “No One Else,” “Man on Fire,” “Billion Dollars,” “Problem,” and most recently, “Bad Girl” featuring Ajebo Hustlers.”

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