Empress Njamah’s Fiancé Denies Releasing Nude Videos

George Wade, the estranged fiance of Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah has denied being behind the nude scandal that went viral a few days ago.

Recall that the internet had buzzed after Empress Njamah’s nude videos were released on social media.

According to reports, Wade created a WhatsApp group where he added multiple people and began posting naked videos he took of the actress in her house, including innocent videos of her taking her bath.

But Wade has now shared a video, in which he claimed he was not the one who shared the nude video of Empress Njamah as reported.

He said,” Hello, hope you guys are ok today.

“I also trying to be ok as soon as possible, till then we have to go through this together.

“I feel the pain and everything, but I want you guys to understand, I’m not behind the shit that as happened.”

Empress had accused Wade of using her nude videos to blackmail her.

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