Nigerian Security Operatives Are ‘The Unknown Gunmen’ Killing People In S’East – IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has alleged that Nigeria’s security agents are the “unknown gunmen” behind the killings of innocent residents of the South-East region.

The group made this known in a statement on Thursday by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful titled ‘Nigerian security agencies are the unknown gunmen terrorising Igbo land.’ 

According to IPOB, operatives of the security agencies are the unknown gunmen, who have made the Igbo land unsafe, as they continually embark on wanton killings of people and displacement of communities.

The statement read, “We, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, condemn the massacring of Biafra citizens by the Nigerian government’s compromised security agencies, while deceiving the public that the killers are unknown gunmen and IPOB.

“Nigerian government and its compromised security agencies have made this year’s Christmas season a season of human harvest of killings, and displacement of peaceful Igbo communities.

“They target Igbo youths who returned home for Christmas for massacre just to portray Igbo land as unsafe. All the killings of Ndigbo and displacement of communities were done by Nigeria security agencies and government-sponsored Ebubeagu, which later blamed it on unknown gunmen and ESN operatives.”

In the statement, IPOB claimed that some security agencies invaded a bar in Anambra state on the first day of the year and shot nothing less than 50 youths dead.

It added that the gruesome murder was blamed on unknown gunmen.

“Some security agencies recently went to a bar in Anambra village and murdered without mercy about 50 youths who were celebrating New Year in their community and later claimed it was unknown gunmen.

“This is to tell you that the terrorists in Nigeria Army uniforms are responsible for all the killings in every community in Biafraland.

“Nigerian security agencies are the unknown gunmen terrorising Igbo land,” the statement added.

IPOB called on the international community, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch Organisations, American Government, Russian Government, Germany Government, UK Government, United Nations Human Rights Organisations, Israeli Government, Canadian Government, French Government and all the Diplomatic Missions in Abuja to help stop “the ethnic cleansing agenda happening in Biafra land, particularly in Igbo land.”

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