‘Anti-Democratic Forces’ May Sabotage 2023 Elections – Falana

Lagos lawyer Femi Falana has called on security agencies to apprehend those he claimed are “anti-democratic forces” bent on truncating the 2023 elections.

Falana raised the alarm in a statement on Monday, against the backdrop of series of attacks on the facilities of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), bandits’ mayhem, and the activities of some political actors in the country among others.

He said, “In spite of the fact that the facilities are said to be well guarded, the criminal elements involved in the nefarious activities generally operate without any challenge from security forces. If the dangerous trend continues on a larger scale, INEC will not be in a position to conduct elections in the affected areas. It is, therefore, curious to note that the few suspected arsonists have not been charged before any court.

“The state of insecurity in Nigeria has also constituted a serious threat to the conduct of credible elections. It has been confirmed that elections cannot take place in the over 40 local government areas in different parts of the country which are firmly under the control of various armed gangs, including bandits, terrorists, and known and unknown gunmen. The territories seized by the criminal gangs are in Borno, Kaduna Katsina, Niger, Sokoto, Zamfara, Abia, and Imo States.

“Unless the security forces are prepared to deal with the anti-democratic forces that are currently disrupting the democratic process, the 2023 general elections may be sabotaged to the detriment of democracy and political stability in the country,” the lawyer.

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