Kano Court Sentences Islamic Cleric To Death For Blasphemy

A Kano Upper Shariah Court has sentenced the embattled Islamic cleric Sheikh Abduljabbar Kabara to death by hanging for blasphemy.

The court presided over by Ibrahim Sarki Yola gave the order on Thursday while delivering his judgment.

He also ordered that the government seize and take over the cleric’s mosques, and forfeiture of 182 books the cleric uses for propagation which should be taken to the library for public use.

The Judge warned media houses to desist from broadcasting his teachings and ideologies.

Sheikh Abduljabbar was charged to court for alleged blasphemy against the Holy Prophet and incitement in the state.

Kabara sat quietly throughout the judgement in the courtroom packed with lawyers and journalists with scores of armed police and other paramilitary personnel on guard outside.

Kabara objected to his counsel’s plea for leniency and maintained his innocence, calling on his followers to remain calm.

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