Amid Cash Crunch, Buhari Seeks N2bn To Buy New Vehicles For Aso Rock

President Muhammadu Buhari is planning to spend N1.96 billion on new vehicles in the Presidential Villa amid a deepening economic crisis and cash crunch that has seen the government admit to owing contractors nearly a trillion naira.

The State House Permanent Secretary, Tijjani Umar, said next year’s elections would necessitate frequent travels and thus the need to replace the presidential vehicles. Nigeria’s electoral law prohibits using state apparatus in any party’s advantage.

The vehicles in the Presidential Villa are due for a replacement, Mr Umar said on Thursday while defending next year’s budget proposals before the Senate Committee on Federal Character and Intergovernmental Affairs.

“This has resulted in frequent breakdowns and an unsustainable expenditure on repairs/replacements of parts,” Mr Umar declared.

The whopping sum is required to purchase what Mr Umar described as “operational vehicles” — some of which are “very expensive”. He said some of these vehicles would be used for travel as the country slipped into an electioneering mood.

Mr Umar is however worried that the N1.96 billion “would still be inadequate to meet existing requirements,” claiming the administration was frugal enough despite budgeting such a whopping amount om vehicles amid deepening economic crisis.

“2023 is an election year which entails frequent travels with associated costs as well as the replacement of vehicles by the incoming administration,” he said.

The N1.96 billion earmarked for Aso Rock’s vehicle replacements is part of the 2023 State House budget proposal. Like Mr Umar, several heads of ministries and agencies have lamented the rigorous cuts in the 2023 budget by the scrutinising national assembly committee.

Mr Umar had argued that the 2023 budget proposal of N21.1bn is comparatively lower than the 2022 appropriation of N40.1 billion by 19.01 per cent. He also said commitments to facilities in the State House would take 65 per cent of the total appropriation, noting the sum of N7.20 billion has been proposed for the year 2023 as against N7.76 billion in 2022.

Source: Premium Times

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