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Reject Tinubu The ‘Parasite’ Who Became Stupendously Wealthy Without Enterprise – Peter Obi Tells Nigerians

Dr Peter Obi of the Labour Party

The Presidential Campaign Organisation of the Labour Party candidate, Mr. Peter Obi has asked Nigerians to reject Bola Tinubu, the flagbearer of the ruling All Progressives Congress, describing him as a “parasite” on the Lagos State people, who became stupendously wealthy without enterprise.

The Obi-Datti Campaign said this in a statement in reaction to the challenge thrown to Peter Obi by the Tinubu campaign spokesman, Festus Keyamo for his son to organise a campaign rally in Anambra, like Seyi Tinubu, APC flag bearer’s son, did for his father in Lagos.

Responding, the Obi-Datti Campaign advised Nigerians to reject those who are planning to rule the country by proxy, noting that Nigerians can no longer tolerate turning governance into family and friends business.

According to the LP Campaign, the only thing that joins Obi and Tinubu is that they were once governors of states in Nigeria, “after that one became a parasite to the state government he served with his entire family while the the other left government house and he and any members of his family never collected a dime from Anambra state.”

The statement added, “Unlike Tinubu and his household who have grown to be stupendously wealthy with no identifiable industry or means of making money outside the state government for over two decades”, Obi is not like that.

“If Keyamo had taken time to study the family he speaks for very well he would have avoided this comparison that is bound to expose the parasitic life of his Principal and understand why the entire household is headlong in the campaign.

“The other time Tinubu’s wife, Senator Remi, was threatening fire and brimstone over Lagos, then the daughter and now the son is showing off with rally. Do you blame a people struggling to keep a family business? The Tinubu family have cornered the commonwealth of Lagos state which they now run as a family enterprise.

“Obi’s family is not part of his politics, they are running their lives, contributing to development without nearing public funds.”

The statement underscored that Peter Obi is the man seeking the mandate of the Nigerian people to serve them as President not any other member of his family.

“He has said it repeatedly that Nigerians must reject anybody desiring to be President by proxy.”

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