NDCABF Commends Maj Gen Ndiomu Over Swift Deployment Of 58 Beneficiaries For Avaition Training

National Coordinator of Niger Delta Confirmed Amnesty Beneficiaries’ Forum, (NDCABF), Comrade Christopher Kenso Adaka has commended the new Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Maj. Gen. Barry Tariye Ndiomu (rtd) for swiftly approving the deployment of 58 beneficiaries for aviation training.

In a statement issued in Yenagoa, dated October 11, 2022 and made available to the media, Engr. Kemenanabode Kemepuador Kenso, explained that the first batch of 58 beneficiaries were previously deployed by the immediate past Interim Administrator, Col. Milland Dixon Dikio (rtd), informing that on assumption of office, Maj. Gen. Ndiomu (rtd) swiftly approved a second batch of 58 beneficiaries, bringing the total number deployed to 116.

According to Comrade Adaka, the first batch of 58 beneficiaries will soon round of their customised refresher course while the newly deployed 58 beneficiaries were already in Lagos for their own refresher course which is a prerequisite requirement for the plane-specific type rating training course abroad.

Comrade Adaka who also is a beneficiary of the ongoing aviation training extolled the leadership experience of Maj. Gen. Ndiomu (rtd), describing him as someone that is endowed with administrative skills, having the ability to work well with others, thoroughly breed, paying attention to details with all sense of responsibility, sensitivity and understanding.

It will be recalled that type rating is what allows aspiring pilots to navigate and operate the larger commercial jet planes, such as a Boeing 737 or an Airbus 320.

Type rating is basically the benchmark required by standardized agencies, such as the FAA in the United States, in order to operate certain types of aircraft. Type rating certifications are required in addition to the initial commercial pilot’s license as well as the specific airplane class training.

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