Obi Hails Little Girl Who Joined Rally As Poster Child Of Campaign For National Rebirth

The face of the New Nigeria Movement and Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has saluted Chioma, the little girl who stole the show during the October 1st rallies by Obidients across the country and the United Kingdom, describing her as “the poster child of this seminal campaign and process of national rebirth.”

Obi, who is currently making his way to Boston Massachussets for a Diaspora event took to his Twitter handle on Sunday to laud the little girl, who provided ginger to the marching Obidients when she was carried shoulder high holding a Labour Party flag, with her curtsy, clenching her fists as she spurred on the marching crowd, who gave her a thunderous ovation.

The video had gone viral on the internet. However, it later emerged that she is the daughter of a single mother, struggling to provide her comfort despite daunting challenges.

However, former Anambra governor Obi said that the attempt to “take Nigeria back” is for Chioma and other babies.”

He tweeted, “The fight to take Nigeria back is for the sake of this little girl, Chioma, and for the sake of every Nigerian child – Amina, Yinka, Akpan, Abdul, Asake- including the unborn children. Chioma is now the poster child of this seminal campaign and process of national rebirth.”

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  1. The Obidient is a contagious phenomenon that even to unborn is turning in the womb to come out to see a new Nigeria 2023. This is decreed and ordained that no man or woman will stop ObiDatti to Aso Rock.
    On God We Move!


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