Develop Cultural Capital Of Pupils By Exposing Them To Museums, Others – Gov Diri’s SSA Charges School Heads

The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Bayelsa State Governor on Tourism, Mr. Piriye Kiyaramo has called on school heads to make concerted efforts to develop the cultural capital of pupils by exposing them to museums, art galleries, theatres and other historic monuments in the state.

Mr. Kiyaramo who made the call during a visit to the Bayelsa Heritage Museum by pupils from First Baptist Model Academy, Ovum-Yenagoa led by the Head teacher, Mrs Inie Nelson, described cultural capital as “familiarity with the legitimate culture within a society”, noted that introducing the kids to dance, art, craft and music through visits to theatres, galleries and other historic sites, will spur them to appreciate the cultural heritage better.

He said such school visits to museums can increase the sense of wellbeing among kids, while helping them to feel proud of where they are coming from, as well as inspire and stimulate their interest in the local culture thereby making them feel healthier.

Mr. Kiyaramo added that “with our society today, facing issues such as poverty, inequality, intolerance and discrimination, museums can help us to understand heritage better and enable us challenge these concerns through reflection on our past”.

The governor’s aide also charged the management of the museum to provide quality programmes for visiting school groups to make their visit to the museum memorable and impactful,
despite the fact that the these visits may be time-consuming for the schools as well as for the museum management.

He said several evidences suggest that the cultural capital passed on through our families helps the children to do better in school, reiterating that the educational system values knowledge, pointing out that through cultural education the kids will have better of acquiring cultural capital.

Mr. Kiyaramo added that: “As adults, cultural capital helps individuals to network with other adults who have similar body of knowledge and experiences, who in turn control access to high-paying professions and prestigious leadership roles in public and private sectors.

In his remark, the Acting Curator of the Bayelsa Heritage Museum, Mr. Mangete Ayerite Samuel said on assumption of office as Acting Curator, he made frantic efforts to reach out to schools, informing that his efforts have started yielding positive results as schools have started visiting the museum.

While giving her vote of thanks at the end of an interactive session at the museum, the head teacher of First Baptist Model Academy, Mrs Inie Nelson thanked the management and the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Tourism for finding time to come to enlighten them on the importance visiting the museum.

Mrs Nelson who promised to bring other grades to visit the museum acknowledged the fact that the visit was so educative and enlightening for both the teachers and the pupils.

Earlier, the education officers of the museum, Mrs Bridget Okoro and her colleague, Mrs Beatrice Kokobai had taken the visiting pupils through various sections of the museum.

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