Make Museum Space Interative, Welcoming, GOV Diri’s SSA Tasks Bayelsa Heritage Museum Management

The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Bayelsa State Governor on Tourism, Mr. Piriye Kiyaramo has charged the management of the Bayelsa State Heritage Museum to make the museum space interactive and welcoming to tourists and visitors in bid to generate revenue for the state.

Mr. Kiyaramo who gave the charge during a general meeting with the management and staff of the Museum recently in Yenagoa, maintained that museums are important educational environments that offer considerable learning potentials to the younger generation through preserved historical artefacts usually exhibited in museum galleries.

He said, to continue fostering knowledge and improving museum experiences, it becomes imperative for museum curators to respond to ongoing changes in museum management, by seeking new ways to make museum environment more appealing and enjoyable to the larger audience.

According to the SSA on Tourism, one way to capture the imagination of visitors to museums is by installing interactive exhibits, pointing out that museums with interactive exhibits keep their guests engaged with the objects on display, adding that instead of just simply reading the information posted, visitors should rather be made to participate actively through hands-on experience.

The governor’s aide stated that physical interaction with displayed objects in a museum makes it easier for people to be receptive to discovering and learning new ideas, hence, interactive museums can effectively educate visitors in a fun and exciting way.

He noted that the collections exhibited in museums provide pupils with tangible connection with time, places and events, which allow them to experience the evolution of human history and the cultural heritage of the people, further informing that museum helps pupils to understand the historical value of objects, teaching them how to respect diverse cultures and understand multiculturalism.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor said, exploring a museum gives students the ability to engage actively in the process of acquiring knowledge and to let them express their thoughts and emotions, adding that effective use of the museum can lead to multifaceted learning, while developing critical thinking skills and acquisition of lifelong learning skills of 21st century.

“Museums help to retain information as it is believed that museums with interactive displays can help people retain information, as well as incorporating learning into exciting activities which enable people to process and remember information that will be beneficial, especially for the young ones who would like to improve on their learning abilities.

“Immersing people in the exhibits is an effective way to convey a story or an idea, which is helpful in promoting visitor engagement and learning. With the aid of new and dynamic technology, interactive museums provide visitors with an opportunity to use all their senses when experiencing the items on display”, Mr. Kiyaramo explained.

The Acting Curator of the Bayelsa State Heritage Museum, Mr. Mangete Ayerite Samuel thanked the the SSA for the visit and promised to make the museum space most interactive and welcoming to the delight visitors and tourists, informing that the management has concluded on plans to encourage schools to visit the museum to learn about the cultural heritage and history of the people.

In her brief remark, the curator of the National Museum, (Oil and Gas Oloibiri), Mrs. Rachel Adelani advised the staff to be dedicated to duties, just as she encouraged them to serve sacrificially by taking initiatives to explore their immediate environment through research to add value to the content of the museum.

Earlier, Head of Human Resource Management, Mrs. Isaiah Abaiola Mercy, had advised staff to desist from forming cliques in the work place, saying that such acts were counter productive in the workplace.

Other management staff present at the interactive meeting include, Mr Victor Appah, Head of Department for Museums, Mrs. Euphemia Ekine, Head of Department for Research, Mrs. Okoro Bridget, Head of Department for Education Services and Emmanuel Timutubo, Head of Department for Heritage and Sites,

Recall that one interesting approach to gain new knowledge is by visiting museums. It displays historical, scientific, artistic and cultural treasures that shape our world. It makes us understand and appreciate history and take pride in the achievements of the people who have come before us.

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