Obidients Send Powerful Message To The Establishment With Rallies In Cities Across Nigeria (Photos &Videos)

Those still in doubt about the looming ballot-box revolution in Nigeria must now be rethinking after supporters of the candidate of the Labour Party and face of the New Nigeria Movement, Peter Obi marched in at least eight cities on Saturday across the country, rallying support for the candidate, seen by many as a wealth creator, prudent and incorruptible.

The supporters, popularly called Obidients, held one-million marches in Awka, Yenegoa, Umuahia, Owerri, Jos, Suleja, and Abakiliki amongst others.

The Obidients carried placards, with inscriptions like “Our Mumu don do,” “We need someone that will fix Nigeria,” “Peter Obi stands the better chance to restore Nigeria”.

The crowd in Jos, in Northern Nigeria, was remarkable and unarguably the largest. It must have laid to rest the claim by the Establishment that the former governor of Anambra State, recently described by CNN as a “penny-pinching wealthy man”, is only popular in the South.

The Presidential election comes up early next year and Mr. Obi, who started the race as an outsider, has emerged the candidate to beat, according to political trends and a recent ANAP poll. Though those the poll did not favour had attacked its accuracy.

On Friday night, CNN’s Zain Asher asked Obi how he plans to take Nigeria’s economy off life support if he eventually wins the presidency. And this is what he said: “A variety of things. One, is that we have to deal decisively with the issue of insecurity.

“It’s impacting negatively on our economy. We have to deal with it head on. We have to get our finances right — and start ensuring that the vast lands of the north are invested in and cultivated. We have to start pulling people out of poverty as quickly as possible.

“We have to immediately reduce aggressively, the cost of governance, and the issue of corruption.”

The Labour Party candidate also promised to remove oil subsidy and end the country’s embarrassing reputation of importing refined fuel, despite being Africa’s largest oil producer.

Meanwhile, Saturday’s rallies were peaceful, except in Abakiliki , Ebonyi State, where the police teargassed the crowd in a bid to disperse them. But the crowd later re-emerged and continued the rally, in defiance.

The rallies elicited a frenzy on various social media platforms with the supporters sharing photos of the marches held.

See below photos and videos:

Obidients in Yenegoa, Bayels State
Jos Rally

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