CNN Interviews Presidential Candidate Of Labour Party Peter Obi (VIDEO)

Peter, Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party was on Friday evening interviewed by Cable News Network’s (CNN) Zain Asher.

In the interview, Obi was asked if he would address issues of corruption and insecurity plaguing the country.

He said with competent leader who has the needed capacity, corruption and insecurity could be curbed.

“If you have a leader that is competent, has the capacity and commitment to start dealing with it, you are not going to solve it overnight but there is going to be a clear visible attempt to dealing with it.

“They are things that can be dealt with decisively. You also need to have a leader that has done this in the past,” he said.

On how he intends to deal with the nation’s ailing economy and bring it out of life support, Obi said first of all, “You have to deal decisively with the issue of security, it is impacting negatively on the economy today; you have to deal with it headlong because you have to get the farmers to go back to the farm by ensuring that the vast land in the north are invested.”

Mr. Peter Obi is by far the most popular presidential candidate, especially among the youths, and he is the face of the New Nigeria Movement, which had again given hope to many young people that a new Nigeria is possible after many years of bad governance.

A recent Opinion poll by ANAP saw Obi, a former governor, leading the candidates of the two major parties with 21 percent, far ahead of the candidate of the ruling party, Bola Tinubu of APC and Atiku Abubakar of the PDP, both tied at 13 percent.

See the full interview:

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