Outrage As APC Allegedly Hires Fake Bishops To Attend Unveiling Of Shettima As Vice Presidential Candidate

The All Progressives Congress (APC) is being hammered on Social Media after the ruling party allegedly hired some strange fellows to pose as bishops during the formal presentation of Senator Kashim Shettima as its vice-presidential candidate.

Recall that on July 10, the APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu named Shettima, a former Borno State governor, as his running mate for the 2023 elections.

That decision to settle for a Muslim-Muslim ticket had attracted widespread condemnation from Nigerians, but Tinubu defended it, claiming the choice of his running mate was based on competence.

Amid the raging controversy over the same-faith ticket, Shettima was officially unveiled at an event which took place at the Shehu Musa Yar’adu Centre in Abuja on Wednesday.

However, during the ceremony some ‘fake bishops’ were sighted at the venue, and unconfirmed reports suggest that they were hired to attend the event to convey the picture that the Christian community has accepted the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Interesting when some of them were asked by probing journalists about their names and ministries, the bishops dodged the simple questions like bullets.

The pictures of the strange-looking clergymen which surfaced on Social Media sparked outrage from Nigerians, especially Christians who said the bishops were fake.

They knocked the APC for dishonesty and disrespecting their faith.

@Chude__ wrote, “APC have spit on the face of Nigeria Christian community, from the Muslim-Muslim ticket to hiring escapees from Kuje Prison to represent Christian Bishops at the Unveiling of their VP. Does Christians still have any respect in this country?”

“Not to castigate Islam as a religion, but we know all hell will be let loose if a Christian ever tries to guise as a Moslem. They take us for a joke, now they rub it in our faces. Yet, some of you are diehard supporters of BAT. Again, where is your conscience?,” @unclemidetush said.

@AriyoAristotle noted, “The people who went these terrible miles to pervert inclusion, would do anything to undermine the Christian faith. This is why Nigerians must think twice before casting their ballots. It is a dangerous game playing out.”

For @DunswortGabriel, “This disrespectful behavior can never be permitted by adherents of the Islam anywhere in the world If you micmic their clerics like this just be sure to be beaten to death and burnt at the spot by Islamic religious extremist. They just keep abusing the tolerance of Christians.”

“Everything about Tinubu and his party is shrouded in propaganda, lies, and distortion. Choosing a Muslim/Muslim ticket is a slap on Christians. Impersonating Christianity to this level is not only deceitful but also criminal. Shame on Tinubu for this outright deceit,” @VillageParrot said.

@PropharmmOne of the imposter bishop abi na bishopress paid by agbado and cassava.bishop with wedding ring .. unknown god of men #Staged

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