Terrorists Release Seven More Abuja-Kaduna Train Passengers

The terrorists who attacked the Abuja-Kaduna bound AK9 train on March, 28 have released another set of seven hostages in their custody after more than 100 days in captivity.

Malam Tukur Mamu, one of the negotiators and Media Consultant to controversial Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, disclosed this on Saturday.

He said through his singular efforts, he successfully negotiated the release of another seven victims.

Recall that terrorists attacked the Abuja to Kaduna train and abducted scores of passengers while many were killed during that attack.

The terrorists had demanded the release of their children in security custody as part of the negotiation for the release of the over 60 kidnapped victims.

On June 12, about 11 of the victims were released while others continued in hostage

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