Terrorists Have Formed Govt In Mada District Of Zamfara– Residents

Terrorists, wrongly described as bandits, operating in the Mada district of Gusau Local Government Area, Zamfara State have taken over total control of the area, residents say.

The people of the district have reportedly deserted the entire area following incessant terror attacks by the men of the underworld.

Daily Post reported that at the roadside between Kotorkoshi and Mada town, many villagers are now refugees, erecting their tents along the road because the bandits have overpowered the security operatives.

According to one Mallan Ibrahim Mada, “we have not taken our baths for some days now because the notorious bandits have hijacked the entire area as they have overpowered the security operatives.

“As I am talking to you now, I don’t know the whereabouts of my two wives and children and I don’t know whether they have been kidnapped or they escaped to another area.

“We have no other means of livelihood except farming but we have been banned from our farming activities by bandits. The only wife and children with me now have entered Kotorkoshi village to beg for food for us to survive.”

The commissioner of information, Hon. Ibrahim Magaji Dosara confirmed that Mada district have been witnessing incessant terror attacks.

He spoke during their recent press briefing in Gusau, the State capital.

The commissioner admitted that the escalating rate of banditry activities in the axis had forced the State government to shut down all the markets and filling stations in the affected areas.

“The State government is aware of the plight of the people due to banditry activities bedeviling the entire area; we, therefore, decided to shut down all the markets and filling stations to reduce the incessant terror attacks in the axis.

“We engaged the Federal Government into dialogue so that it can approve our request for everyone that is qualified to be carrying weapons for self-defense to reduce the tension,” the commissioners stated.

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