Despite ‘Stingy’ Comment Mbaka Remains My Priest, Says Peter Obi

Despite his controversial stingy comment, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has said that the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Father Ejike Mbaka remains his priest and father in faith.

Obi said this during an interview on the Voice of the People 90.3 FM on Sunday.

Recall that Mbaka had in a ‘prophecy’ said that the former Anambra State governor cannot win next year’s presidential election because he is “stingy”.

According to the controversial cleric, it would be impossible for Obi to become Nigeria’s president, adding that an old man president is better than a ‘stingy young man’.

Following public outrage, Mbaka was sanctioned by the Bishop of Enugu and services at the Adoration Ministry were suspended till further notice over his political statement.

Mbaka later apologized to Obi and the Catholic Church for his outburst.

Speaking in a viral video on Monday, Peter Obi said if he attended the service where Mbaka made the declaration, he would have told him to pray for him to overcome the vision he saw.

He said, “For me, Father Mbaka is an ordained priest of God and as a priest, he remains my priest. I will always respect and show my allegiance to the church. Whatever he says, I will take it because he’s my father in faith. I respect him and he’s my brother.

“Whenever he says something wrong, I pray over it, if he says something right, I pray over it. Mine is prayers, whatever he does I love him. I don’t have any problem with him.

“If he says I am not going to be voted for because I don’t have money, I will pray that God will make those collecting money to vote to see reasons they should not do that.

“In fact, if I was there, I would have told him to pray for me to overcome it. I have met pastors who tell me things and I say since you have seen it let us pray that it doesn’t happen.”

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