Onu Slams Tinubu, Osinbajo, Other Southwest APC Presidential Candidates For Blocking Powershift To Southeast

A presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has slammed his counterparts from the Southwest for spoiling the chances of power shifting to the Southeast in 2023.

In a speech at the APC national convention in Abuja on Tuesday, Onu recalled how he once sacrificed his presidential ambition in 1999 to allow the Southwest to produce the president, and failed to understand why the same gesture cannot be extended to the Southeast.

He said, “I sacrificed my ambition as a Presidential candidate of a major Party to make sure the two candidates of the South West, the two Olu’s emerged.

“I thought like the Northern Governors had done, the South west will extend such gesture to the South East, where is the justice, where is the justice; where is the justice.”

According to him, a south-easterner should “ordinarily” replace President Muhammadu Buhari.

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