Osinachi’s Husband Never Allowed My Daughter To Enjoy Her Labour, My Heart Bleeds – Mother

The mother of the late gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, Mrs Oriaku Nmadu, has given more insight into how her deceased daughter suffered in the hands of her husband, Peter Nwachukwu, who is now in police custody following allegations of domestic abuse which allegedly led to her death.

Nmadu said this when she spoke with members of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists in Abia State, noting that the singer’s husband never allowed his late wife enjoy all what she laboured for.

Nnamdu who hails from Isuochi Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia State, stated that her heart is still bleeding as a result of her daughter’s untimely death.

She called for justice for her daughter, advising single ladies to be careful while selecting their spouses.

She said, “When Nwachukwu came for my daughter’s hand in marriage, he presented himself as a pastor from Anambra State. But shortly after the marriage, Nwachukwu shut the doors to our entire family and completely possessed my daughter.

“My daughter went through hell in the hands of Nwachukwu. My daughter had four children and I could not go for omugwo (baby sitting) for any of the children because her husband would not want to see any member of Osinachi’s family.”

She recalled that there was an instance the singer fell sick and the husband refused any family member to check on her until after much pressure from Osinachi’s friends before Nwachukwu allowed her to vist the deceased in their home in Abuja.

During her stay, she recalled an occasion after church service which the husband abandoned her and his late wife and drove home with the children.

“That Sunday after church service as we were waiting for Peter Nwachukwu, he came out and ordered his children into the car, he drove off leaving me and my daughter behind.

“I was shocked, because it was a well wisher that gave my daughter that car. Still yet, instead of Osinachi to complain, she rushed out and got a taxi that drove us home.

“Another car a fan gave Osinachi for Gods work, Peter took the vehicle and started driving it. At every slight of misunderstanding, he abandons his wife at any point and drive away.

“He never allowed the wife to enjoy the fruit of her labour.”

She said Osinachi’s children are now with one of her daughters while she appealed to NAWOJ to help her get justice.

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