I’ll Not Withdraw My Comments Against Buhari Govt – Sacked Abuja Imam 

The former Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Khalid on Sunday said he had given conditions for reconciliation over the issue that led to his sacking at the mosque. 

Khalid said he would not withdraw any of his comments on the matter.

The cleric said he gave the conditions following the move by some prominent Nigerians who have intervened in the matter.

He disclosed this during a visit by human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore to his residence in Abuja.
Khalid said, “There are some people who are trying to beg me for reconciliation with the other party. They are begging me to stop any media discussion about that issue that they would resolve the problem and I gave them my word that I would stop any media interview on that issue until after Salah.

“Why I did that is because when you are moving with people, you have to be a democrat. Allow them to say their own minds and ideas.
“I know I have conditions for the reconciliation, one of the conditions is that I will not withdraw any word that I have said. The second condition is that no one would caution me on any issue I speak out for the people. If it is against the will of the government, they have security operatives. They know how to operate, let them come and arrest me.

“But you in the mosque as committee members or chairman you have no right to caution me. If it is against the tenet of Islam as it were, then summon the FCT committee of Imam to call me and ask me. Those are the conditions.” 

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