Mercy Aigbe lied, She Betrayed Adeoti’s First Wife Who Was Her Friend –Lanre Gentry

Olanrewaju Gentry, ex-husband of actress, Mercy Aigbe, says that contrary to his former wife’s claim, she was a friend Oluwafunso, the first wife to her new husband, Kazeem Adeoti.

Gentry said this in an interview with Saturday Beats.

Oluwafunso had accused Mercy Aigbe of betraying her by sleeping with her husband, while she and her were friends. According to her, the actress started sleeping with her husband when her son was 5 months old and she was still married to her ex-husband, Gentry.

But the Mery Aigbe denied the allegation. Now her former husband has said that she is lying.

Gentry said, “I do not blame Mercy. The blame should be on Adeoti’s first wife for bringing Mercy into her family.

“People like Funso who love to follow actresses (about) in a bid to make friends with them need to be very careful. It is dangerous to bring a person whom you do not know into your home simply because the person is a celebrity. In all honesty, Funso and Mercy were friends. She (Funso) was the one who invited Mercy and I to her husband’s 40th birthday celebration some years back.

“Mercy Aigbe knows within herself that what she did to Funso and her family is very bad. It was Mercy that told me her friend was organising a surprise birthday for her husband and we were invited.

“Unlike what many are saying, my son, Olanrewaju, was not five months old at the time, he was over a year old. We attended the event, and that was the first time I met Adeoti and his wife. Funso, who was Mercy’s friend at the time, introduced Adeoti to Mercy and I.

“After that, Adeoti used to come to my home, office and hotel. Mercy later told me they were working together and that he was her marketer.

“I was 100 per cent sure that Mercy and Adeoti were seeing (dating) each other, and I used to tell her that what she was doing was very bad.

“I am a socialite, and I definitely know when something (intimate) is going on between a man and a woman.

“I really don’t want to be involved in this issue because I have remarried, and I respect my (new) wife. People should learn to handle their homes properly and stay away from strange friends.”

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