Igbos Will Keep Seeking Political Solution In Nnamdi Kanu’s Case – Ekweremadu

Former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu says the Southeast would keep engaging the government in a push for a political solution in the case of Nnamdi Kanu, pro-Biafra agitator.

Ekweremadu said this while featuring on Dream FM on Saturday.

He said, “Political solution in the Nnamdi Kanu’s matter is still very feasible. I also watched the Channels Television interview and I don’t think Mr. President ruled out a political solution.

This comes days after President Muhammadu Buhari in a Television interview ruled out a political solution in Kanu’s case.

But Ekweremadu said despite Buhari’s comment, the Southeast would keep seeking a political solution.

“In fact, I would have been surprised if he said he would just release Nnamdi Kanu because there is independence of every arm of government, including the judiciary. There are procedures.

“So, we will keep working on a political solution, nevertheless. We will keep engaging the government, just as we will continue to appeal to our youth and people to ensure the stability and prosperity of our region,” the former senate president said.

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