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2023: I’m Experienced Enough To Be President – Anyim

Former Senate President Anyim Pius Anyim says he’s experienced enough to be Nigeria’s president.

Senator Anyim said this on Thursday at his South-East Briefing and Consultation Session in Enugu , which had in attendance stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party from the zone.

According to him, his records in government show effective and efficient management of the nation’s diversity on the basis of equity, justice, fairness and inclusiveness.

He said, “I have stood with our party, the PDP, in good and bad times. Like most loyal party members, I have had my moments of elation, as well as some difficult times but I never moved. I have never switched parties. Therefore, I make bold to say that I can be entrusted with the vision, mission, values and principles of PDP as a committed party man.Sorry, the video player failed to load.(Error Code: 100013)

“I have been privileged to understand our national problems and appreciate their enormity and peculiarities in the last 21 years from my vantage positions in both the legislative and the executive arms of government. Therefore, I have a clear view of the task ahead as well as the solutions needed to advance the cause of our country.

“My records as President of the Senate and as Secretary to the Government of the Federation clearly show that I am more interested in building strong institutions than seeking enhancement of personal power or position. My records show effective and efficient management of the nation’s diversity on the basis of equity, justice, fairness and inclusiveness.

“I am a committed believer in the rule of law; and will always promote and protect the sanctity of lives as well as the rights and liberties of all citizens.”

Anyim added, “It is, therefore, with a sense of humility, that I step out as a Nigerian with patriotic fervour, considerable knowledge of our country – its diversities and current challenges; and so properly equipped with clarity of the needed solutions. Let me elaborate; as a young officer, at the then Directorate of Social Mobilisation, I understood the need for value orientation as a tool for instilling patriotism. I was also schooled to appreciate the value of social justice, equity and fairness as building blocks for social harmony and inclusion. As a young politician, I imbibed the founding vision of the PDP as a grassroots movement that would provide leadership that will respect the rule of law, ensure that power belongs to the people and deliver national cohesion and inclusiveness through good governance.

“As president of the Senate, I was loyal to the party. I managed our diversity to the extent that ethnicity was never a consideration in all the activities of the Senate. My leadership in the National Assembly not only promoted independence and stability of the legislature, as an institution but also equality of all constituencies and their representatives and so enhanced productivity in the National Assembly. As SGF (Secretary to the Government of the Federation), I devoted my energy to helping the President to give focus to the presidency on the core needs of all Nigerians, maintain harmony among all Ministries, Agencies and Departments of government and ensure equity, fairness and inclusiveness in the allocation of resources and appointments.

“I am only offering myself to continue my services to my country in the capacity of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, at a time, I believe, my experiences will be needed to save our beloved country from drifting further. I am convinced with due modesty, that I am willing and available, ready and equipped, by experience and exposure, temperament and humility, capacity and competence to serve Nigeria at this point in time as her President.”

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