2023: Igbo Presidency Will Heal, Unite Nigeria – Ohanaeze Ndigbo

The apex socio-cultural organization in Igboland, Ohanaeze Ndigbo says a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction has become imperative and an idea whose time has come.

In a Christmas and New Year meassage by Professor George Obiozor, the President-General of the group at a press conference in Owerri, on Sunday, the group reaffirmed the belief of the Igbo people in the unity of Nigeria, but insisted that the Igbo nation seek justice as, throughout history, those denied justice have had no interest in peace.

The Ohanaeze president noted that Igbo presidency a national necessity that is anchored on equity, justice and fairness.

Obiozor further reiterated that a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction is politically justifiable and morally defensible, positing also that it would heal and unite the nation.

According to him, Ohanaeze Ndigbo will soon announce a political action committee to canvass for the support and understanding of other Nigerians towards the actualization of a President of the Igbo bloc.

He said, “Be not discouraged, the Igbo struggle for Justice, equity and fairness in Nigeria has been long and agonizing but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“As Nelson Mandela said, it looks impossible until it is done. With the new narratives of courage without rancour wisdom without humility, we will be able to persuade our fellow Nigerians that it is time to reintegrate Ndigbo effectively into the mainstream of Nigerian political process and governance. This is in the national interest.”

Obiozor expressed dismay that Igbo talents and ability to turn adversities into advantages, obstacles into opportunities and difficulties into dividends have been misrepresented as attempts at domination hence confronted with anger, hostility and violence at any given crisis in Nigeria and even outside the country.

Obiozor added, “In fact, no people in recent history have been unfortunate or at best had a mixed fortune or blessings as Ndigbo in Nigeria politics and governance. For example, quite often the Igbo energy and enterprise were misunderstood as being over-ambitious.

“In 1999, the country for the purpose of healing the Nation and creative use of crises and conflicts yielded the Presidency to the South West. I ask Ndigbo everywhere from today to make every effort to convince other Nigerians in Political parties and organizations that ours is a righteous cause whose time has come”.

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