Security Operatives Raid Bandits Hideout In Kaduna, Kill Scores 

Combined security operatives on Wednesday, raided bandits’ hideout, killed scores while several others escaped with bullet wounds.

Mr. Samuel Aruwan Commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Kaduna State,, who confirmed this, in a statement Saturday evening noted that,
“dozens of bandits neutralized, camps destroyed by air strikes in Kaduna.”

He said the security operatives have reported to the government of some major achievements recorded as an unspecified number of bandits were neutralized during an aerial assault on identified bandit enclaves around the boundary area with a neighbouring state in Chikun local government area.

According to him, the success became possible as strikes were conducted over identified locations in Kauwuri and Gaude villages.

He added that those locations were earlier identified as bandits hideout through a careful check, analysed by various intelligence reports before final operations were carried out

The statement further said, fighter jets attacked the bandit camps in Kauwuri general area, and armed bandits were observed fleeing from the locations.
He said, a helicopter gunship then followed for a close mop-up with rockets and cannons.

He said another success was recorded in Gaude village as the air platforms attacked the identified bandit hideouts in the area, adding that bandits were similarly observed attempting to take cover under some trees. The location was then attacked accordingly.

He added that, while the ground forces trailed and engaged the dozens of bandits who fled the location following the strikes,
careful assessment revealed that many bandits were neutralized during the entire mission, and several camps that were destroyed.

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