Accept Afghan Refugees, Merkel Tells EU Member States

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has on Tuesday called for considering the possibility of accepting refugees from Afghanistan in neighbouring countries before discussing their placement in the European Union.

“Before talking about contingents of refugees in the EU, we should discuss reliable opportunities for refugees in countries neighbouring Afghanistan.

“As the second step, we should consider a controlled and supported reception of refugees in European countries,’’ Merkel said at a news conference.

“The EU position on the matter is not quite simple,’’ the chancellor added.

Germany intends to help a large number of people in Afghanistan who previously provided assistance to it, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday at a joint news conference with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

“We know that the situation is extremely difficult. I told Kallas that Germany wants to help even more people who provided assistance to us before.

“We are concerned as we see that Afghanistan’s achievements related to the situation with girls and women, education and development can be reversed,’’ Merkel said.

Berlin seeks evacuating as many people as possible from Afghanistan, the chancellor emphasized.

She praised the arrival of a second German military plane in Kabul as a positive sign.


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