Viral Video: Nigerian Diplomat Refused To Identify Himself, Elbowed One Of The Officers – Indonesia

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY can now report that the typical Nigerian mentality, ‘do you know who I am’ , may be the reason a Nigerian diplomat, Abdulrrahman Ibrahim, was assaulted in a car by immigration officials in Jakarta as Indonesia says he was the aggressor and that he elbowed one of the officers in the nose after he refused to identify himself when he was politely requested to do so.

The attack reportedly left the officer with a bloodied nose.

This was part of the response of the Indonesian High Commissioner to  Nigeria, Dr Usra Harahap, who was summoned for clarification of the ugly incident by Nigeria’s minister of external affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama on Monday.

The video of the assault had gone viral on the internet.

According to the envoy, the immigration officers from South Jakarta Immigration Office were carrying out surveillance on foreigners when they asked Ibrahim for identification but the diplomat allegedly refused to identify himself or show his passport.

He said, “By that time, they met with Mr Ibrahim, and politely requested him to show his travel document. He answered that his passport was in his room.

“Then the officer asked again, ‘Can we see your travel document to check the residence permit and if there are no problems with the document, so you may continue your activities

“Mr Ibrahim was not willing to show his passport and said to the officer, ‘you will know who really I am and be careful on that.

“Instead of showing his identity card, Mr Ibrahim was angry and said, ‘Just arrest me and you will regret to know who really I am.’

“The officer said, ‘We will not detain you further sir, if you can show us your identity card.’  Then Mr Ibrahim said, ‘Where is your car, I’ll come to your office.’

 “On the way to the immigration office in South Jakarta, several incidents happened. Mr Ibrahim elbowed the immigration officer, Mr Laode Hauzan Baidi, who was sitting next to him until Mr Laode’s lip was bleeding.

 “This led to other officers restraining him from attacking another officer during the trip.”

Explaining that Ibrahim later showed his identity card, Harahap further said, “As of February 22, 2021, there were 180 Nigerian citizens in Indonesian Immigration Detention Centre, who were undergoing process for deportation.”

Dr. Jarap added that the issue was resolved when the Nigerian high commissioner to Indonesia arrived at the South Jakarta Immigration Office around 6:30 pm, together with the staff and his police guard from the Directorate of Security of Vital Objects of Police of the Greater Jakarta Metro Area.

The officer injured by Ibrahim lodged a complaint about the attack on him, but said that he did not process it further because the matter had been resolved.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian High Commissioner to Indonesia, Usman Ogar and Ibrahim, who were recalled by the minister from the South East Asian country for consultation, are expected in Abuja today.

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