Security Forces Disguising As Unknown Gunmen To Massacre People In Southeast As part Of Ethnic Cleansing Agenda- IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) says Nigeria’s security operatives are disguising as unknown gunmen in the Southeast and massacring people as part of an ethnic cleansing agenda.

IPOB alleged this in a statement by its media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, made available to CHECKPOINTCHARLEY on Wednesday, warning the military and police to desist from killing innocent people in the South-East or face the wrath of the group

According to the pro-Biafran group , victims are mostly arrested and killed by soldiers and police officers who tag them as members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) to execute their ethnic cleansing agenda in the region.

It accused Nigerian security forces of feeding the public with lies by saying it invaded ESN camps, sressing that no member of the group was missing.

Mr. Powerful particularly mentioned in the statement that the people of Okporo and Umutanze in Orlu, Imo state are being killed by unknown gunmen.

The statement read in part, “We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), ably led by our great leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, hereby caution those who call themselves unknown armed men rampaging communities in Biafra land particularly those killing innocent people in Okporo and Umutanze Orlu, Imo State, to immediately stop the ethnic cleansing or brace for mass resistance by the people.

“Nigeria Police should stop parading innocent people and tagging them as ESN personnel because there is no nobody looking or missing in IPOB.

“Parading innocent people and tagging them ESN shows that Nigeria police and army have failed it and don’t know their job, since Nigeria abandoned their duty and focus on dishing false information to the public.

“We are out to expose them with their covert lies. Those you paraded to the public are not ESN members. Nigeria must stop ridiculing itself in the world because everyone is watching their activities.

“Nigerian Police must release those they picked and tagged them ESN operatives or charge them to court. ESN is special people ordained by God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama which Nigeria army and police will not approach where they are.”

It added, “Nigerian army, police and other security agencies cannot reach or enter ESN camp,” adding that the information both have been given to the public is false. 

“If this secret genocide is not halted, both the perpetrators and their sponsors will be dealt with in no distant future. It is regrettable that some shameless politicians would connive with the oppressors to kill their own who committed no crime other than demanding their freedom from the Nigeria contraption.

“These Efulefus and evil politicians decided to sponsor Nigeria army and police to attack innocent Biafrans in Orlu and other places in Biafra land to implicate IPOB and ESN.”

IPOB accused Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma and other politicians in the region of conniving with the security agents to kill innocent people.

“Today, the Nigerian army and police are killing our people, burning their houses and blaming their abominable actions on unknown gunmen. We, therefore, warn them to stop this madness or they will be testing the will of our gallant Eastern Security Network, ESN, operatives.

“The unprovoked attacks by Nigerian Army and Police on innocent Biafran citizens under the guise of unknown armed men must stop or the monsters will consume those that created them. IPOB will no longer allow the ongoing secret genocide against hapless Biafrans by the wicked Nigeria security agencies and their collaborators.

“We are warning politicians and traitors amongst us supporting this evil agenda to call it quits or brace up for the wrath of the people. We are aware that Fulani terrorists in Abuja instructed Hope Uzodinma to create them to implicate IPOB and ESN but we will prove to them that we are smarter.

“It is ridiculous to think that IPOB which has been operating for many years now will suddenly start killing.”

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