Sunday Igboho Suspends Lagos Yoruba Nation Rally After Deadly Attack On His Ibadan Residence

Yoruba Nation agitator Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho has suspended the much anticipated Yoruba Nation rally scheduled to hold in Lagos on Saturday.

He announced the suspension in an interview with BBC News Pidgin on Thursday, hours after his Ibadan residence was attacked by men in military uniform.

At least five persons were reportedly killed during the attack.

His wife and others were also abducted

According to Igboho, the attackers were unknown men in military uniform who came into his house at Soka area in the wee hours of Thursday.

He said, “I was at home and around 1:30 am, I heard gunshots in front of my house and they said they are from the DSS (Department of State Services) and that they are soldiers. Sunday Igboho, come out!

“I peeped through my window, I saw them and truly they were dressed in DSS and Nigerian army uniform. I was surprised and wondered what the problem was because I haven’t killed anybody.”

The popular activist added that the attack surprised him because he is fighting for the safety of his people without violence.

“What I am simply doing is to fight for my people, my rallies have always been peaceful, I am fighting for my family because Fulani bandits killed my family, raped them and government refused to do the right thing for my family, that is why I have come out to fight for them so I am surprised.

“They killed two people during the shooting, destroyed my property, my vehicles,” he said.

Vehicles belonging to the activist, including his G-wagon, Prado SUVs, and valuable properties, furniture, and windows were reportedly destroyed.

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