15 Kidnapped Niger Victims Escape From Zamfara Forest As Drunken Guards Fall Asleep

Not less than fifteen persons recently abducted by armed bandits in Tegina town, Rafi Local Government Area of Niger State on Sunday escaped from their captors’ den in Zamfara State.

It was gathered that the 15 were among the adults abducted alongside 156 pupils of the Salihu Tanko Islamic School in Tegina more than two weeks ago, but were separated from the children before been taken to a forest in Zamfara State.

However, on Friday night, the fifteen reportedly escaped as they managed to unlock the door of the house in which they were kept in the forest after the bandits stationed to guard them were deeply asleep as a result of drunkenness.

The escapees were said to have moved out quietly into the forest and moved in different directions so as not to arouse suspicion from other bandits in the forest.

When some of the escapees were able to come out from a bush around Zaria, they sought the help of some military personnel who helped them in calling their people in Niger State.

One of the victims that first showed up in Tegina broke the news that made the Niger state government to quickly move into action to help the remaining victims.

Also three others among 15, including a Councillor, a driver and one other person who escaped arrived Tegina today in the morning.

Another of the escapee, it was gathered, was rescued and brought to Minna, where he was also admitted at a medical facility for treatment.

A top government official, who pleaded anonymity, confirmed that the victim has been attended to and will soon be reunited with his family in Kuta.

He added that security agencies have been sent to the Tegina – Birnin- Gwari road to await the arrival of the remaining 10 escapees.

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