Anarchy Is Starring Us In The Face, Cardinal Okogie Tells Buhari

Former President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Cardinal Anthony Okogie says the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has made the situation of the country worse than he met it and now “starring us in the face are prospects of anarchy.”

The cleric said this in a statement on Monday titled, ‘Cardinal Okogie: Life at 85,’ noting that the “need for us to retrace our steps has never been so urgent.”

He added that there is a need to build a prosperous nation “where there are no second-class citizens.”

The former Catholic Archbishop of the Lagos Diocese conceded that the Buhari government met some of the crises while taking over power in 2015, but said the country seemed to have “worsened economically and politically.”

The Cardinal regretted that after failing and refusing to accept responsibility, the government is now clamping down on Twitter and Nigerians using the micro-blogging site.

The statement partly read, “Few weeks ago, on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of this administration, given the severity of the status quo of our socio-economic and political situation, it was shocking that the government claimed that the Nigerian people never had it so good and Nigerians would have reason to praise this government at the end of their tenure. As they say, the matter speaks for itself, as it is evident that Nigeria has practically become a failed state.

“A country fails when it is no longer able to protect its citizens from harm and secure their welfare. A country fails when, instead of being a harbour of refuge for its citizens, it turns out to be a cauldron of fire and sorrow that consumes its citizens. A country fails when instead of reassuring its citizens by actions and policies that the future is secure, it becomes a case of most people planning to flee the country to other climes where their governments are truly functioning. Such is practically our case today. One whose house is on fire should not take to the streets dancing.

“While it is true that our problems did not start under this administration, they seem to have worsened economically and politically in these past six years.  The sad part is that there is no articulate coordinated response from the government to stem these downward trends, apart from the usual ‘playing the ostrich’ and throwing tantrums when they are criticised, like the rather hasty suspension of Twitter.

“The political class, in spite of all their protestations to the contrary, seems unable to stay the course and prevent this slide of this greatly endowed country into this sad quagmire.  As they say, ‘truth is bitter.’”

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