Ex-Minister Amaechi Likens Govt treatment Of IPOB To What Jews Suffered Under Hitler

First Republic Minister of Aviation, Mbazulike Amaechi has likened what is happening to the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra to what Hitler did against the Jews in Fascist Germany, sending the secret service men to commit certain crimes and then turn back to accuse the Jews.

Amaechi expressed the belief in a statement on Tuesday, saying that IPOB has nothing to do with the attacks in the South East.

According to him, “the government is sending the people to commit these attacks and burn properties so that the impression will be that IPOB is behind it in order for them to either kill them or declare a state of emergency in Igbo land or to do whatever they like or completely kill the Igbo the way they like.”

He however advised members of the Eastern Security Network to defend themselves if attacked.

ESN is a security outfit launched by IPOB, which it said was to stop the killings in Igboland by armed Fulani herdsmen.

The commander of the ESN was recently killed by security agents in his village in Imo State.

The Imo State government had fingered ESN as being behind the insecurity sweeping across the South-East region, which includes attacks on police formations and operatives including a prison in Owerri. IPOB has denied the allegation, stressing that their mission is to protect the people allegedly abandoned by government.

The former minister agrees. He said, “I will advise IPOB to steer clear of what is happening in the South East and let the truth be revealed. Let them maintain the sanctity of their innocence. If the ESN people are attacked, let them defend themselves. I don’t want IPOB to go into violence because they have neither the arms nor the wherewithal and capability to do that.

“Who is investigating these attacks? The Police are investigating the IPOB. Can the police investigate the government or themselves? What is happening now is like what Hitler did against the Jews, sent their secret service men to commit certain crimes and got back to accuse the Jews.”

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