Over 3,000 Displaced In Niger State As Boko Haram Hoists Flag, Take Wives Of Residents

At least 3,000 people have been displaced following a Boko Haram attack on the Kauri Community of Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State.

Governor Abubakar Bello confirmed the presence of the insurgents in the community on Monday, saying the situation is critical and terrible.

It is high time for well-coordinated actions in order to address the problem, he said.

According to him, the terrorists and bandits displaced the residents at IBB Central Primary School Minna, in the company of his deputy, Ahmed Kesto and Emir of Minna, Dr. Umar Faruq.

Bello said, “We have over 3,000 people here from communities that have been displaced by bandits and Boko Haram elements around Munya and Shiroro Local Government Areas.

“However, some of them have started going to their various homes. There are some other communities that we think are safe but a vast majority of them will have to remain here because their villages and towns have been taken over by the Boko Haram elements.

“Their wives have been forcefully attached to Boko Haram elements. In fact, I just heard they have already placed their flag in Kauri which means they have taken over the territory.”

He warned that the Boko Haram terrorists are fighting to make Kauri their home and headquarters, as they did in Sambisa forest. While Sambisa forest is several kilometres away from Abuja, Kauri is only two hours’ drive to Abuja, he worried.

“I have been engaging the Federal Government and unfortunately it has gotten to this stage and if care is not taken even Abuja is not safe. We have been saying this for long and all efforts have been in vain.”

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