God Blessed Nigeria Under Buhari, Says Uzodinma

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma says God has blessed Nigeria since Muhammadu Buhari took over as president in 2015 to date.

Mr. Uzodinma said this on Friday while talking to reporters after he had a closed-door meeting with the president at the State House in Abuja, claiming that since the inception of the present administration, it has been fulfilling its promises of providing infrastructure, jobs, and social interventions, among others to the people.

Because the present government has done really well is the reason politicians are funding banditry to run it down, he said.

The governor, who faces worsening security back home, condemned recent attacks by armed bandits on communities, especially in the northern part of the country, urging the security agencies to urgently reveal the names of their sponsors.

He however said it was not improper to criticise a government for not doing well, but “a situation where you will leave the ethical way of playing politics to sponsor banditry to bring down a government, we should rise up and condemn it – all of us,” he said.

If the government is not doing well, he would be the first to say it, he added. But this government has done well. “ I thought what the problem would be people saying there is no job creation, that people are not feeding, that salaries are not being paid, that infrastructure is going down, that social interventions are not approved by the government, but these things are available.

“What people are doing is to sponsor crisis to the extent that those funding banditry are politicians and I challenge and call on the security agencies to make their names available to the press because what they want to do is to distract a government that is focused.”

Governor Uzodinma further condemned the call for secession, saying that the criminals particularly in Imo were a combination of individuals within and outside the state.

He urged Nigerians to offer more support for the Federal Government to weed out sponsors of crisis and those he called enemies of progress in the country.

Mr. Uzodinma, who emerged Imo State governor under controversial circumstances, and Buhari are both members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

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